Mr. Gregoire Kaloust’s Speech at the SHUSHI Dance Troupe Performances

Mr. Gregoire Kaloust’s Speech at the SHUSHI Dance Troupe Performances

Today, we celebrate with emotion, joy, gratitude and great enthusiasm the end of the 85th anniversary ceremonies honoring the founding of the Armenian Catholic Mesrobian High School and which were crowned with this glorious performance of our school's SHOUSHI dance troupe.

The 85th anniversary celebrations began with the Patriarchal Holy Mass, were marked by the unveiling of the bust of the school’s founding father, Cardinal Krikor Bedros Aghajanian, turned into a popular celebration again in this hall and included our end-of-year events with the participation of hundreds of children and young people.

For all of these, I first of all feel obliged to filially thank the Catholicos Patriarch of Cilicia of Armenian Catholics, Raphaël Bedros XXI. His Beatitude not only granted his high blessing, encouragement and support to all our steps, but also with his presence, like now, firmly confirmed once again the greatest attention and care of the Armenian Catholic hierarchy towards the Armenian school and Armenian education in general.

Dear friends, we all witnessed how the members of the SHOUSHI dance troupe presented, page by page, the values ​​that form the basis of the educational service of Mesrobian College through their dance. Armenian dance itself is an open textbook of Armenian history. It is a powerful way to educate the youth about our national heritage and preserve centuries-old traditions. Therefore, the dancers of the Shoushi dance troupe, not only learn the dance steps, but also relive the stories of their ancestors with their values ​​and spirit. Immersing themselves in the rhythms and melodies of Armenian music, they establish a deep connection with their roots, promoting a sense of belonging and identity. Our students absorb the essence of Armenian culture through this art. In this way, Armenian dance becomes a living expression of tradition, passing the torch of cultural heritage to generations.

For this achievement, I would like to thank all 97 dancers who participated in the performance, from former students to the youngest. We would not have achieved this result if it were not for the organizing committee of the 85th anniversary and the more than 40 volunteers who worked diligently and laboriously behind the scenes.

I would like to express my profound gratefulness to the St. Savior Church parish priests who put this beautiful hall at the disposal of our school on all occasions, always with love and support, as now.

I would like to express my gratitude to the administrations of the ‘Hamazkayin’ and the ‘Nor Serount’ dance troupes for their support as well as to Mrs. Cynthia Taoukjian for her generous donation for the organization of this dance performance. And I would like to single out the greatest thanks to Mr. Avo Karakeshishian, the choreographer and artistic director of the dance troupe, who has been leading this work for years with exemplary dedication, showing his deep connection to Mesrobian High School and dance as a graduate. I thank all of you for your presence and encouragement.

Dear friends, the journey of Mesrobian College continues on the path of educating Armenian generations. We are strong with you on our side, all of us, hand in hand, in the name of God our Father, the Armenian Church, the Armenian School and the Eternal Armenian nation and homeland.


Thank you.

Gregoire Kaloust

Mon, 17 Jun 2024
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