Խօսք յիշատակի. Ժանէթ Մարգարեան մահուան տխուր առթիւ

Խօսք  յիշատակի. Ժանէթ Մարգարեան  մահուան տխուր  առթիւ

A human being is a traveler of life. He/She is born; grows physically; accumulates life’s experiences; makes choices with conscious convictions; makes up his/her mind and soul; then and only then becomes an INDIVIDUAL, i.e. a PERSONALITY. This is the one that we see and communicate with. 

Janet, as she was known to everyone, was born on September 20, 1938 in Mosul, Iraq. She was the youngest daughter of Apraham Mouradian from Satukegh, Dikgranagerd, and Talia Durlissanian from Dikranagerd. 

Janet received her primary education at the Armenian National school in Mosul, Iraq. She lost her father to TB at a young age. After her sister Alice’s marriage, she and her mother moved to the city of Sulaymaniyah and then to Kirkuk. 

In 1955, she won first place in the baccalaureate exam of the high schools of Northern Iraq. In the same year, at the age of seventeen, she was accepted to the Medical College at the University of Baghdad. She graduated in 1961, as? valedictorian of her class.  In the history of the Medical College of Baghdad, she holds the record of being the first woman to receive that status. 

Janet was endowed with many superb qualities. 

First, she was a research medical doctor. She started her residency at Cornell Medical College in NYC in 1964 specializing in surgical pathology. She rose through the ranks, eventually attaining the rank of professor in 1984.

Janet is remembered by faculty and administration at Cornell University Medical School as follows:  "During her 36-year tenure at Cornell, she was an integral part of the Department of Pathology, and rendered distinguished and meritorious service to the Medical College.  She was a highly respected professor at the medical college and has trained some of the best pathologists in the country. Dr. Mouradian was an enthusiastic and imaginative teacher, especially gifted at transferring her enthusiasm to her students. She received the "best teacher" award twice at the college. The world-renowned Dr. Mouradian was greatly respected and recognized by the specialists in her field for her numerous scientific research publications, chapters in books and professional articles. For years, she was the Director of the Department of Surgical Pathology at Cornell Medical College. Her dedication and professionalism will always be remembered by all those who had the opportunity to work with her." 

She received the college's highest honorary title of Emerita Professor. She was a world-renowned pathologist. She is the author of more than fifty scientific research papers. She has participated in numerous medical conferences in the USA and the world. She has presented papers at many local and national medical conferences. She was invited to lecture and train pathologists in foreign countries. 

Outside of the Medical College, Janet assisted many individuals with her professional medical advice and saved countless lives, both within the hospital and among her community. Dr. Mouradian always kept the illnesses of those who she helped in total confidentiality. 

Along with the scientific and medical field, Dr. Mouradian was an exceptionally sensitive person within the deepest meaning of the word. 

Dr. Mouradian was a lover of world culture and literature, especially Armenian literature. She kept files upon files of her favorite literary works.

The supreme merit of her characteristics was her being a solid ARMENIAN. Armenia and Armenians were the core of her life. Unbreakable and unexamined. 

Her first child was born on April 20. There was no need to search for a name. She and her husband, without any hesitation, named him Gahmk (will power). The name embodies the conviction of the Armenian people to live and survive. Her daughter was to be born on November 29, the date of the collapse of the first independent Armenia. Janet wanted to keep the DREAM of independence of the Armenian people alive and, although she was born early, on the 19th, they named their daughter Yeraz (dream). Gahmk and Yeraz were the pride of her soul. 

Janet found home for her literary, cultural and theatrical talents first at the HMEM of Baghdad, where she was a member of the literary committee. 

However, the New York chapter of Hamazkayin was to be the hub, where her immense dedication to Armenian culture was to be displayed: She was a founding member of the NY chapter of Hamazkayin; she was a member of the editorial board of the branch's "Menk" literary periodical; she was a member of the choir; she was the founder of the "Literary Gems and Wine" and "Student Knowledge" inter-school initiatives. She spent hours and days making selections of literary works. She established contact with all the participants, coaching them on diction, rhythm/flow, and meaning. She used to work on the presentation in meticulous detail. She encouraged and greeted the participants with infinite love. 

Janet provided her meticulous, punctual and deep abilities to the activities of NY Hamazkayin theater group. During the 56 years of the theater group's activities, she became the stage manager of the theater group's performances. Without any hesitation, it can be stated that without Janet's super careful approach, the theater group’s performances would not have received the special honor that they enjoy today. 

Janet employed her professionalism in Hamazkayin’s presentation of the 1000th anniversary of St. Naregatsiin making the event a superb scientific symposium.

The event took place at New York University with participating scholars from all over the world: Armenia, France, Holland, Lebanon and the USA.

Janet was also a member of the Armenian Relief Society (ARS). She was the Chairman of the ARS Mother chapter of NYC and later, a member of the ARS worldwide Central Executive. With infinite love and respect, she always said that after her father’s untimely passing, she was supported by ARS in Mosul and it was her life’s work to give back to the ARS?. She gave lectures and numerous presentations and encouraged novices to join the ranks of ARS. 

An adamant supporter of Armenian rights, Janet had joined the Armenian Revolutionary Federation in 1957 in Baghdad. She participated in all the public events of the organization. 

Janet also served as secretary of the Board of education of St. Illuminator’s Day school. 

She occasionally wrote for the Hairenik newspaper. With numerous articles, she described local initiatives, as well as the ARS’s Western Armenian trip, always anonymously listing her authorship? simply as  “An Attendee”.

Armenia occupied a special, unsurpassed place in Janet's consciousness. Her first visit to Armenia was in April 1990, on the 35th anniversary of our marriage. Since then, she visited Armenia almost every year. 

Janet's meeting place in Yerevan was the ARS office on Sayat Nova Avenue. Together with her ungeroohees, she familiarized herself with the concerns, needs, and activities of the ARS. That was the impetus for Janet to focus her efforts on the needs of the schools in the border villages of Armena that needed much assistance. And so, for the last ten years, she undertook to help them. With the help of Armenian and foreign acquaintances in the USA, Janet was able to provide a respectable contribution to the schools:  desks, books, building repairs. With her strict attitude, she brought official receipts from Armenia to every contributor. 

Janet married Herand Markarian on June 6, 1965 at Sts. Vartanants Church in Ridgefield, New Jersey. The ceremony was officiated by Rev. Kourken Yaralian. They were blessed with two children: Gahmk and Yeraz. She was proud of her children's educational progress. Gahmk attended Harvard University and received his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Chicago. Yeraz attended Barnard College, Columbia University, and graduated from Fordham University with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. 

The most humble, intelligent, devoted, supportive Janet left this life on Sunday, February 25, 2024 at 12:12 am, in her house surrounded by her husband, children and relatives. 

Her enduring, tireless soul hovers over us and repeats the following Celtic elegy:

Grieve not...

Nor speak of me with tears...

But laugh and talk of me...

As though I were beside you.

I loved you so...

'twas Heaven here with you.

With love, Herand, Gahmk, Yeraz, and grandchildren Matteos and Sarine